Fantastic!! Lawson, Lawson, Lawson!!! You have such a great talent for drawing the reader in right from the very first page! It was humorous, suspenseful, mysterious, and funny. I look forward to reading your next novel. Oh yes, I am recommending this book :)
— Jessica Carden, Miami Beach, FL

I was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I enjoy a great mystery and pride myself in typically being able to figure out, "who done it", but this was an incredible, unpredictable twist. Having grown up in D.C. made this novel all the more interesting for me. The style of writing is genius. I can't wait for the movie, or at least the next book!
— Dr. Deborah Parker, Summerfield, NC

I put From The Waist Up in my computer case as I was leaving to board a plane for Chicago on a Tuesday. I began reading upon taking my airline seat and I continued through my change of planes in Detroit and on to Chicago. With suspense, I picked it up again Wednesday night. I could not put it down, until I came to page 238 during the early morning hours of Thursday. You got, and kept the attention of this non-fiction reader who has not read more than 3 fiction books in the last 25 years. Great Book!
— J. Franklin Long, Manassas, VA

From the Waist Up is a suspenseful masterpiece! Watch're in for a thrilling ride through a host of unsuspecting characters. Described so well by author, Lawson Brooks, the story and it's historical, DC, references, leaves you wanting for more.
—Cynthia Dowdy, Washington, DC

A MUST READ!!! This is a thrilling murder mystery set in contemporary Washington, DC. Key characters are successful 30-something middle-class Black professionals negotiating DC's competitive world, balancing careers, social life and marriage. Erotica fans may be frustrated by Brooks' more cerebral style of story-telling demanding introspection and real-life problem- solving skills.
—Dwight M. Ellis, Bowie, MD

I read From the Waist Up… definitely enjoyed it! It was very hard to put down. The writing was very descriptive. There were times when it felt like I was ON U Street or IN the bar/scene with the characters. Readers familiar with the DC-area and its "movers and shakers" culture could easily identify with the people and places. The book was entertaining and nicely paced… never confusing. Nice twist at the end. Can't wait to read your next one!
—Brie Jackson, Digital Journalist

I really enjoyed From The Waist Up. The story seemed like a cross between Eric Jerome Dickey and Walter Mosley. You kept us guessing to the end. Good job.
—Kathy Rice, Atlanta, GA

What can I say!!! I finished From The Waist Up and read every single word!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. You really put me in the moment and describing DC was wonderful. A little history there with Eastern market, Union station and being on the Hill. Wow I love it!!! It was very entertaining. I couldn't put in down. It grabbed me from the very beginning!! Your book had me laughing, almost in tears, angry... I experienced all the emotions. Good read Lawson...very good read.
—Kathy H, Springfield, VA

Thanks for the good read.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it gave me a glimpse of a truly metropolitan lifestyle.
—Joan S., Stillwater, MN